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Municipal Bylaws

Council is authorized by the Municipal Government Act, of the Province of Alberta, to pass bylaws for municipal purposes. Some of the Holden bylaws are listed below. Click on the pdf attachment to view the full bylaw text.

If you have any questions about bylaw matters, please contact the Village Office.

* NEW* Bylaw-Council Procedures #1-2018 (PDF icon Bylaw-Council Procedures #1-2018.pdf)
Animal Control Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-Animal Control #6-2014.pdf)
Bylaw-Public Behavior #2-2017 (PDF icon Bylaw-Public Behaviour _2-2017.pdf)
Community Standards Bylaw (unsightly and nuisance) (PDF icon Bylaw-Community Standards #2-2015.pdf)
Economic Development Committee (EDC) Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-EDC #7-2015.pdf)
Heritage Resources Committee (HRC) Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-HRC #5-2010.pdf)
House Numbers: Municipal Address Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-Municipal Address System #1-2016.pdf)
Land Use Bylaw (LUB) (PDF icon Bylaw-LUB #3-2013.pdf)
Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-MDP #2-2013.pdf)
Noise Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-Noise #3-2001.pdf)
Off-Highway Vehicles Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-Off-Hwy Vehicles #3-2007.pdf)
Sewer & Garbage Bylaw - (2016 Rates) (PDF icon ByLaw-Sewer & Garbage Rates 16 #6-2015.pdf)
Sewer & Garbage Bylaw - (Rates effective Jan 1, 2017) (PDF icon ByLaw-Sewer & Garbage Rates 17 #3-2016.pdf)
Sidewalk Clearing Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-Sidewalk Clearing #4-2011.pdf)
Tax Payments and Penalties (PDF icon Bylaw-Tax Payments & Penalties #3-2015.pdf)
Tax Rates - 2017 (PDF icon Amedment of Bylaw NO. 3-2017.pdf)
Traffic Bylaw (PDF icon Bylaw-Traffic _4-2017.pdf)