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Delegates at Council Meetings

Any member of council, Village official or any other person wishing to have an item of business placed on the agenda shall make a submission to the CAO not later than 12:00 noon on the Thursday of the week prior to the meeting. The submission shall contain adequate information, to the satisfaction of the CAO, to enable council to deal with the matter. 

No item of business shall be considered by council if the item has not been placed on the agenda unless members of council present, by a majority vote, agree to the item being placed on the agenda. The Mayor, any councillor or the CAO shall be given an opportunity to state why an item should receive consideration on the agenda because of its emergent nature before the motion is put to a vote.

Public input is not permitted during Council meetings, unless Council votes in favor to allow public input.

Any persons who are not members of Council or officers of the Village shall observe silence and order in the Council Chambers, unless given permission to speak on behalf of a petition or otherwise allowed in this policy. Any such persons disturbing the proceedings of Council shall be called to order by the Chair and, if they fail to comply, shall be ordered by the Chair to leave the Council Chambers.

Council shall hear all delegations that have brought their items of business to the agenda in accordance with section 3.2, in the order that they are placed on the agenda or the order that may be changed by the majority vote of members present. All rules of council in this bylaw shall apply to each and every member of the delegation.

Delegations are limited to one topic per meeting.

Delegation time limit will be set to a minimum of five minutes and to a maximum of fifteen minutes.  Time extensions are at the discretion of Council.

Delegations addressing Council must be business related.

Delegations by the same person may be limited to 2 meetings in a calendar year at the discretion of the CAO, duplicate requests will not be approved.

Delegations approved and posted on the agenda must give the CAO 24 hours’ notice if unable to attend.