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Water Ban in Effect - June 20, 2018

Highway 14 Water Commission Water Demand Management Advisory

As of June 20, 2018 the Highway 14 Regional Water Services Commission entered into a Water Demand Management Condition B.  This means that there is a ban on non-essential potable water use for all customers of the Highway 14 Water Commission.  This ban is expected to last until June 25 of longer, weather permitting.

Demand Measure B

Regional reservoirs are forecasted to be below 50% of capacity within the next 5 days

Conservation Measures

Municipalities: Discontinue hydrant flushing, sewer flushing, park watering, fire-fighting training, and other non-essential use.

Customers: Limit lawn and garden watering, voluntary conservation requested.

Truck Fills: Request voluntary conservation of water. Shut filling bays as required.