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Public Meeting Results

A Public Meeting was held on August 30th.  Two bylaws, attached below, were discussed along with the future of the Holden Complex and upcoming municipal elections.

The turnout for the meeting was excellent, and a focused discussion was led by a provincial Community Development Officer.

A summary of the discussion notes is available in pdf below. This will go to Council at their next meeting for consideration.

Thank you to all who attended.

Budget 2017 & Property Tax Notices

Village of Holden Council passed the 2017 Budget at their June 19th regular meeting.

Total Assessment has increased, therefore the Mill Rate decreased. Due to an overall correction and adjustments in property assessment, the lower tax rate will have a varied affect on individual property taxes.

When reviewing your Notice, keep in mind that the assessed value of your property should reflect the actual market value (i.e. the price you would hope to receive if you sold the property).

Public Behaviour Bylaw

Council passed first reading of the Public Behaviour Bylaw at the April 18/17 regular meeting and second reading in May.

Council has received mixed reaction from the public to the concept of the bylaw, so will defer a final decision until they have an opportunity to discuss this further at an open house.

A copy of the bylaw is attached below.


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