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A. Development Permits are required for any development in the Village of Holden. They are issued at the Village office. Development includes many things such as building, demolishing, changing the use of a building, putting up a temporary structure (sea can, shed, tent garage), moving a building, or adding onto a building. Open the attachment below for a more complete list of the types of 'Development that Requires a Permit'.
Contact Holden Administration for information about Development Permits and fees. A pdf application form is available below.

B. Safety Codes Permits are also needed for any type of construction, demolition, private sewage system, or project that involves plumbing, gas, or electrical work. These permits are issued by The Inspections Group, a permit agency contracted by Holden and based in Edmonton.
For more information about permits and fees, call them toll free at 1-866-554-5048 or visit their website:
Permit application forms are available below. Click on the pdf form to open, download and print the form; then fill it out and submit to The Inspections Group.

Development Permits

Application Fees for Development Permit (PDF icon Development Permit Fees.pdf)
Application for Development Permit (PDF icon Development Permit Application.pdf)
Development Permits Fee Schedule (PDF icon Development Permits Fee Schedule.pdf)
When Do I Need A Development Permit? (PDF icon Bylaw-LUB #3-2013-When do I need a dev permit.pdf)

Safety Code Permits

Building Permit Application (PDF icon Application-Building Permit.pdf)
Electrical Permit Application (PDF icon Application-Electrical Permit.pdf)
Gas Permit Application (PDF icon Application-Gas Permit.pdf)
Inspection Stages-Homeowner & Contractor (PDF icon Inspection Stages-Homeowner and Contractor-2017.pdf)
Plumbing Permit Application (PDF icon Application-Plumbing Permit.pdf)
Private Sewage Disposal Permit Application (PDF icon Application-Private Sewege Disposal Permit.pdf)